Top 10 Motivational Quotes For This New Year

It is another new year of your life a new chapter and a new beginning, Here are the top 10 Quotes to enjoy every second, every minute and every day of the New Year of your life. featured image


  1. “ Approach the New year with resolve to find the opportunities hidden in each new day.”

( Michael Josephson )

–  The only way for the blessings and opportunities to come to your life is to open yourself into everything so that everyday in your life you will find something new. It can be good or bad but always remember that everything that happens in your life has a meaning so cherish every opportunities for they will help you in your life.


  1. “ The Secret of Getting Ahead is Getting Started”

( Mark Twain )

–  Of course, how will you start your new year if you aren’t going to do anything. If you have any goal this year you might want to get start on doing or working for it because if not,  you will be left behind and your goals, plans and dreams will never be reality.


  1. “ What you Do Today can Improve All your Tomorrows”

( Ralph Marston )

– Everything that you do in every moment and every second is the cause of what will happen to your life tomorrow. So be careful and mindful into everything that you do because it will define who you will become. featured image


  1. “ Start Where You Are, Do what You Can, Use What You Have”

( Arthur Ashe )

– The meaning of the quote is simply explanatory because the only easy way to start is where you, and you can only start when you know how to do the things that you do and you can only use what you have and those are the skills and knowledge that you have.


  1. “ Go Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams . Live the Life You Have Imagined. “

( Henry David Thoreau )

– Making your dreams true is never easy but still, to achieve them, you must face everything that comes with it. You must enjoy it and be confident because if you are living the life that you imagined, then you can now say that your dream came true.


  1. “ What Lies Behind Us and What Lies Before Us are Tiny Matters  Compared to What Lies Within Us. “

( Ralph Waldo Emerson )

– It is true that whatever is coming in your way and has come is never really that important because all of it only depends on yourself. It’s all about your decisions, actions and plans. So be careful and always think through everything so that  you may never regret everything that you do. featured image


7.   “ Write it on your Heart that Every day is The Best Day in the Year”

( Ralph Waldo Emerson )

-How will your day be special? Then always make it the best day of the year, it only means that you have to make every moment  count and stay away from negativity so that your day will be happy and great.


8. “ Don’t Try to Make Your Old Life Better. Allow Your New Life to Come In. It is What You Truly Deserve”

( Roxana Jones  )

– Going into a New year with the same routine, habit and life that you had for the last  year is not living your life. The Life that you truly deserve is what comes for you, if it means you have to change then go, because staying for the same old  life is never near into living your life happily. featured image


9. “ A year from Now You Will Wish You Had Started Today”

( Karen Lamb )

– This quote is like a reminder for you every time you feel down or feel like giving up on your goals, plans and dreams. Because it simply states that if you don’t finish what you’re doing today, you may regret not doing it after a year.


10.“ Be at War With Your Vices , at Peace With your Neighbors and Let Every New Year Find you a Better a Man. “

( Benjamin Franklin )

-If you want your new year different, then leave all your vices and know more of your neighbors and friends for these will help you to become a better person and a great individual .



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