Things To Do and To Remember When You are Stressed

Things To Do and To Remember When You are Stressed

What is your perception about stress? Are you the one who make the day, or the day makes you? As we noticed, between work deadlines, bills, family and friend obligations, it’s easy to get overwhelmed but if it goes on for too long, you’ll find yourself struggling to merely survive instead of thriving. But by the end, we should know that life can be a very stressful thing. Sometimes, it just seems as if it’s a series of stress waves with only minor respites in between.  Here are tips that we should take and remember to lessen stress. You can use these or modify them to fit your own life and personality.


  1. Learn to relax.

Relaxing your body, by whatever natural means, is a great way to reduce stress. Don’t expect your stress to immediately dissipate; it can take time. In most cases, try not to fixate on the stress itself while you’re relaxing. Think of something placid and tranquil, or think of nothing in particular. Let your body tell your mind that everything is okay.

  1. Identify the things that put you under stress.

Make sure you understand why you become stressed so that you can try to avoid these circumstances. Knowledge is powerful, and self-knowledge is especially powerful.

  1. Pay attention to what you’re putting in your body.

As we see, people often turn to junk food when they’re stressed. For us to lessen stress, we need to replace the harmful substances such as caffeine, alcohol and refined sugars, with clean proteins, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats helps regulate your hormone levels – including the stress hormones.


  1. Surround yourself with positive and encouraging people.

Surrounding ourselves with positive and encouraging people during stressful times can brighten our mood and help us put things in perspective. Who wants to be with someone who is negative all the time? There’s nothing more depressing or stressful, so avoid those who stress you out.

  1. Make a list of your goals.

After creating your own stress jar, you can also make a list of your goals – no matter how far-reaching them, you can achieve it in the right time. Writing your goals is a powerful way to rekindle your passion and remind yourself of your dreams, ambitions, and what’s truly important.

  1. Keep a gratitude journal.

Whether big or small, write down everything that comes to your mind, why you are grateful for this moment. You can start small with something as simple as, “I am grateful that I am healthy and strong. I am grateful for my family and friends.” The mere act of writing down things you’re grateful for- will change your outlook on life. Do this every day.


  1. Exercise regularly.

Targeted exercise goes a long way toward freeing your body of stress hormones and increasing your endorphin levels which is responsible for feelings of happiness. Carve out time during your busy day to exercise to both keep your body healthy and as a natural outlet for your stress.


  1. Learn how to say no.

Learn how to say “no” to things that would only add more stress to your life. It’s easy to fall into a “people-pleasing” trap where you say “yes” to everything. Perhaps you want to spend an evening at home alone and someone invites you to go to a party? What do you do? You must learn how to say “no.” Whether it’s in your personal or professional life, agreeing to the things that you can’t handle, turns you in a stressful day.

  1. Organize your life.

Set goals for what you need to achieve during the day, then write a “to do list”. Add some breathing room in the middle of the day that will give you time to recharge. Taking control of your time and priorities will significantly decrease the amount of stress you feel.


10. Consider a scenery change.

Take a walk, go on a weekend trip, do a guided visualization – whatever you can, to get yourself out of the setting you’re in, at least mentally, will help you reset and think more clearly. Sometimes all we need is a psychological breath of fresh air to get out of being stress.

11. You’ve already gotten through so much.

Just think of all you’ve done already. No matter who you are, there have been hurdles in your life. You’ve won some, you’ve lost some, and you’ve survived. You’ll survive this just the same. Try to give yourself some credit, because if you’re stressed, you’re probably not doing a whole lot of that right now.

12. Create your own stress jar.

Sit down every morning or before you go to bed and make a list of things that are bothering you and stressing your day. Write down the things you can control and the things you can’t. Once you make that list, fold the piece of paper and put it into a box or a stress jar. Put that jar in a closet or in a place that won’t constantly attract your attention. “Out of sight, out of mind” is an old saying that can help you in this instant. You’ve written down your worries, so now put them away for the day and forget about them.


13.Fast forward to five years from now.

Think of what your life may be like then. Will what you’re going through now really make that much of a difference? Most likely, it won’t. Maybe it will work out, and maybe it won’t – but in five years’ time, you will have more than enough opportunities to make up for it.

14.Take responsibility for making your life what you want to be.

It is less stressful to make decisions and act than to feel powerless and react to others’ decisions. Decide what you want and go for it!

15. Learn to lean on friends and loved ones.

This is one of the most important things, as keeping things bottled up can only cause more stress. Your friends, if they are true friends, will try to understand what you’re going through, and will accompany that empathy with a sincere desire to help you.


16. Have more positive self-talk.

Remind yourself of all the things you have accomplished in the past. All those small accomplishments up to very big ones over time and it will help you lessen your stress.

17. Do things you love.

When you’re stressed, you can look at your schedule and see that you are lacking time for doing your favorite activities. Whether that be drawing, writing, reading, playing sports, or cooking, set aside time- to do those things you enjoy and less your stress.

18. Sleep more.

Give your body the sleep until it wants, and your stress levels will take a nosedive. Sleep is a mechanism by which your body recuperates and restores its energy. If you’re not getting enough sleep, your body will use stress to keep you active and alert in the absence of stored energy. Sleep matters and a lack of it is a major contribution to the negative effects of stress.

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