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Life is a journey and you’re not even halfway yet. Keep going and make things work out. Make everything around you beautiful and make it your life. Nothing is to stop you from what you want as long as you have courage and faith. Every beginning is usually the hardest so do not give up on achieving your goals. If you ever feel like quitting, think why you’ve kept going this far.
Life is the most wonderful thing God has given us. We only got one life so we should treasure and enjoy it. Do things that you want and make memories to count. We don’t always have second chances to make things happen again. Do not think about the hindrances, we could always find ways to conquer them. Think about the beautiful tomorrow waiting for you. Think about the things that you do not want to miss at the end of the day.
Live young, not wild but free.

“Start Living Your Life Fearlessly”

Life is so unfair and this word is so cruel. Unwanted things come unexpectedly. At times when we should be feeling accomplished, we feel hopeless because of the burdens that keep challenging our confidence and willingness to live and survive.

But life is a wonderful journey that we should keep exploring. Just keep a little faith and courage.


“Start living your life fearlessly.”

Live your life fearlessly. Live your life to the fullest of it. You will not be able to do everything that you want if all you think about is your fears and doubts. Set them all aside or make them your points to try things out and make your life enjoyable. Do not be worried about the consequences that may happen. You will not fail, you will learn. If you let your life be dominated by fear, you’ll regret it at the end of the day and I guess you do not want that to happen. Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear. Embrace your fears and enjoy your life.

“You didn’t come this far to only come this far.”

Sometimes, we’re too contented of the things we got just because we’re already tired or we’re lack of reasons to pursue which lessens the value of all the time and effort that we’ve spent. It’s like settling for less to play safe. But what we don’t know is that there is always something more, there is always something better. We just have to continue to figure things out. You’ve already started and invested time and effort, why settle for less if you could strive for more.

“Never be afraid to stand up for yourself.”

Nowadays, it’s kinda hard to find someone you could trust. It’s just your self that you know you can always count on. So be brave. Take a stand and defend yourself. It’s not literally that you’re going to take a war but its gonna be you against everyone and everything around you. Never be afraid to stand up for yourself because no one is always prepared to do that for you.


“Let your passion be your profession and it will someday become your purpose.”

Everyone on this Earth has a purpose. But sometimes it is difficult for others to know what their purpose is. A good way to start figuring out what your purpose is with your passion. Know what you want and know where you are happy. After knowing it, do it. If you want to be teaching kids and you’re happy with it, be a teacher. If you want to be treating sick persons and you’re happy with it, be a doctor. If you are happy and contented in what you are doing, you’ve already found your purpose.

“BElieve in YOUrself.”

You will not know what you can or what you can be if you will not give yourself a try. For example, you’re given a certain task which you are not familiar with– thus you refuse and you’ll say, “I’m sorry I can’t do that.” It’s not really that you can’t. You know what the problem is? You do not believe in yourself. You do not trust your capabilities. Sometimes, we need to take the risk in order to accomplish. We have to believe and have faith in what we know and what we can. Go beyond your limitations. Yes, we might fail but at least we tried.

“Be who you want to be, not what others want to see.”

Sometimes, people will keep dragging you down because they do not want what they see in you. Of course it’ll make you feel unwanted but do not worry about it. Just follow your heart and mind, not their perceptions. Do it for yourself and not for your doubters. It’s not gonna be easy, but it’s gonna be worth it cause you’re going to achieve what you want to be in spite of all the hindrances around you.


“If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but never the goal.”

Sometimes, a single plan is not enough and even a single try can’t bring you to your goal. But if the plan doesn’t work, change your plan but not the goal.. If you did not succeed with plan A, you have all the letters of the alphabet from B-D to try. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve failed and changed your plan, it’s about getting at the top and reaching your goal.

“Go through it, not around it.”

There would be times that life will lock us in a situation that we do not want to be in and will make us feel so hopeless. In response, we try to find an excuse to escape from the situation. But have we really escaped that situation or we just got a temporary freedom from it?
We should not look for an excuse, instead of a way. We should find a way to conquer and survive that situation. An excuse doesn’t give a good result but a way does.



They always say that life is like a wheel. Sometimes, you’re in the privilege and sometimes, you’re at the rock-bottom, but it keeps going. Yes, life is indeed like a wheel, and just like the wheel, we also have to keep going of our lives. We cannot achieve what we need and what we want if we just sit there or give up after a failure. Choose to keep going. We have to keep going in spite of all the hindrances that may come. Somethings won’t be easy but it’ll be worth it at the end of the day because great things always take time.

“You are your own definition of beautiful.”

Beautiful are not those with tanned skins, perfect teeth, nice legs, long eyelashes or shining eyes. Beautiful are those who know how to present their self, showcase what they got, and just be the real them. Do not compare yourself to others. Do not be bothered if you don’t have that pleasing appearance. Beauty is not always what we see with our eyes. Sometimes, we just feel it in our hearts. Just be yourself and that is already “beauty”.
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