Reasons to Pray

“Reasons to Pray”

There is nothing more important in life than to learn how to pray. Prayer is the most important thing that we should learn how to do. Prayer is when we learn to talk to God, understand him, connect with him, and understand ourselves. Prayer gives us untapped power. It unlocks, ignites, heals, transforms, empowers, and calms. Here are some reasons why we should pray.


  1. Creates relationship with our Great Savior

We must pray because it is a way in building our love relationship with Jesus Christ. We need to know that Christianity is not a primarily rules. It is a relationship. What we need is to build our love-grace relationship with Him. We should learn to allow Him embrace us, to care for us. We need to listen to Him, and we desperately need to talk to Him.

  1. To acknowledge our dependence upon Him

We are not independent beings. Prayer recognizes that, in Him, we live and move and have our being. We are and can be nothing apart from Him. Prayer is as necessary for us as it is necessary for a beggar to ask alms. A beggar is by definition one who asks for alms. We are people, human beings, created in His image; by very definition we are dependent and are to pray.


  1. Praying means we love

A relationship of love is like enjoying each other. If we say “I love my family” but never speak to them, it is likely that we don’t love them. If we love them, then we will want to talk with them, spend time with them, and desire them. Then, all of this is like praying to God. If we really love God, then we should speak, spend time, and desire Him.

  1. God might receive glory

When God answers our prayers, we offer praise. God receives glory as men receive from Him and respond rightly. Prayer is a gift from a heavenly Father, who loves to hear from His children. There are countless reasons to pray. Let’s be a people of prayer.

To know our own hearts

  1. To know our own hearts

There is a real benefit in coming before the Lord in silence. It is true that we get to know Him more in prayer, but we also get to know ourselves more. How often we pray and are convicted by some sin that we didn’t know was present before. Prayer lays open our hearts not only before God, but before ourselves. God already knows what is in them, we often do not.

  1. God chooses to use means

He uses rain to make the grass grow. He uses the sun to light the world. He uses our prayers to accomplish His purposes. It is one of the most amazing and humbling realities in the universe, but it is true. God chooses to use us in accomplishing His purposes. Our prayers may be the very means He uses to save our children, to provide health to the person on the prayer list, or maintain unity in our local church. We would be overwhelmed in the present if we knew how purposeful, meaningful, and essential God has made our prayers. It is humbling. And it is terribly exciting.

Praying bible

  1. Praying let us to know God more fully

There is nothing lovelier, nothing greater our hearts can seek, and nothing more fulfilling than God Himself. We want to know Him. We want to know God in all His glory. If that is the case, then like a young woman dating and trying to get to know a young man, we will want to talk with Him more with the use of praying.

  1. We pray to be conformed to His Image

We pray in Jesus’ name so that there may enter our hearts no desire and no wish at all of which we should be ashamed to make him a witness, while we learn to set all our desires before his eyes, and even to pour out our whole hearts. In prayer our hearts are shaped and molded, our affections are stirred, and our minds are transformed. The prayer closet is the academy of righteousness.

  1. Prayer Helps Us Determine the Will of God

We always use prayer when we want to know God’s will. Obviously, He needed to know which of His several hundred followers were chosen by His Father to be Apostles. Prayers helped in the way that the chief purpose of prayer in seeking God’s will is that prayer gets my will into an unbiased state. Once my will is unprejudiced about the matter, we find God suggests reasons to my mind why we should or should not pursue a course.


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