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Going down through life’s paths can sometimes be a big struggle. Every problem we face, every obstacles we encounter, all of that just to reach our goal. But isn’t it easy just to give it all up? It is very easy letting go. But… that’s just it. You see, giving up so easily isn’t just that. You’re not solving your problems, you are just avoiding him. You’ll never overcome your obstacles by avoiding them. And worst of all, you won’t grow as a person if you’ve never known how to face your fears.

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  • Life is so much simpler and lighter if we respect each other’s beliefs.


By overlooking each other’s differences, I think that life for us will be so much easier. There’ll be no hate, no more strife, and no more war. I think as a whole, that is what humanity really wants. To live in peace until he grows old, that is great thing.

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  • Happiness only comes when you allow it to happen.


Being happy is just a state of mind. It is when you decide on what to feel and how to feel for something. No one can bring you down without your consent. Whatever problems you face, whatever state you’re in, you’ll get over it completely. Just put a smile on your face, and you’ll see everything in a new perspective. Happiness is just around the corner.

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  • Don’t wait for the right person to come into your life. Instead, be the right person to go into someone’s life.


Don’t expect for someone to come waltzing in front of you looking like that perfect someone. Sure, everyone except that the right one for them would come and knock them of their feet. But, don’t expect that to happen all the time. Never expect too much if you don’t want to be hurt. Instead be that someone who gives their best for the one they love. You’ll never know, maybe that someone you’re looking for is you.

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  • Be good enough to forgive someone, But don’t be stupid enough to trust them again.


Forgiving someone can sometimes be hard, but forgiving someone gives us maturity. The maturity to understand that not everything we expect would come true. So be mature enough to forgive, so you won’t be fooled again. If you understand that, then you’ll understand when and who to trust.

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  • Goodbyes are supposed to be said in a painful way.


Goodbyes are the most painful word to be heard from the one you love. Especially if you know that, that goodbye would be the last words they’ll tell you. It’s hard to accept that someone will leave us after everything that we shared with them. It’s even harder to accept when they told us goodbye when we don’t even know the reason why.

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  • Words can hurt others… But sometimes, silence hurts even more than words.


Words can sometimes hurt us even more than the physical one. But sometimes, even words can do nothing when silence reigns. You see, silence is not the absence of words. Sometimes silence can be highest point where our feelings all come together. It’s the point where all our pent up anger and depression builds up and wants to come out. “The silence before the storm”, as they say. And sometimes, that hurts even more.

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  • Choose someone who will be proud of you even if you’re not the best.


It is a complete happiness when you find someone who’ll love you for who you are, for what you are, someone who can be proud of you even though they know that there are many, who are better than you. It is the best feeling when you know that even if you’re not the best, they still stay with you and will never leave you.

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  • I wish that you were here, or I was there, or we were together anywhere.


Everyone wants to be with someone important in their hearts. The longing we feel just to be with someone, the emptiness we experience without them. The feeling that, we’ll do everything to see them. To just hold their hand, just so we could with them and be in the place with them.

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  • Never accommodate JEALOUSY in your system. And the very first step to avoid it, DO NOT COMPARE.


Never compare yourself with someone else, especially from the people from your partner’s past. You’ll only feel jealousy towards someone you doesn’t even know. Just forget about them. Stay with the present. Make more memories, so you wouldn’t feel insecurity.

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  • The more we try to forget someone we love, The more painful ‘LETTING GO’ will become.


Time will heal all wounds. When you feel that letting go is hard, just take your time. It just takes time to help you forget someone who hurt you in the past. Don’t push yourself too hard, take it slow. And you’ll see that you will forget them easily.

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