Make your Relationship, a Healthy Relationship


Stay in Contact.

Communication is one of the important component of a healthy relationship. Speak with your loved one and show your feelings. Observe the way your loved one talk, observe their body language too. Humans have adopted a tactic to use as little information as possible to try communicate a message.

Being Honest.

Honesty build trust in your relationship. Never use honesty as a weapon, don’t point out flat truths as a means to hurt someone, most people are very aware of their flaws, and this can breakdown a relationship.


Support each other

Understand what you want from a relationship. Put thought and time into what you want to achieve. Never assume the other person wants the same goal. If you’re unsure, ask. If you discover the other person doesn’t want the same things as you, understand that your relationship will have a lot more problems, as well as a lot more compromise and sacrifice. Sometimes, it is better to sever the relationship.

Everything change.

Nothing is constant, everything, everyone change. We people move around and change our minds and beliefs. Understand that your relationship will change over time. Learn to appreciate the change for what it is. Longing over what it was like in the beginning of your relationship will hurt you in the end.

See what each other needs.

Often times we forget to ask what our partner needs, we often focus on complaining to what we need. You must notice your partners’ need, ask like “are you happy?” “ are you tired?” “are you okay?” “what do you need?” “how’s’ your day?”. Relationships provide countless opportunities to learn from and encourage each other, and this ability will increase with time and intimacy.


Be thankful.

Learn to be thankful for everything in your relationship. Even you break up with each other be grateful to the memories you shared, to the lessons, happiness and experiences in your relationship.


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