How to make effective New Year Resolution



Every year, you make New Year resolution but always fail to keep it, Yes, more than half of all resolutions fail, but this year, yours don’t have to be like them. We will help you on how to make an effective new year resolution.





  1. List the changes and improvement you like to make.

It can be anything like quitting smoking and losing weight. Exercise more or be a beter spouse, parent or friend. Jot down what changes you want but be sure it is attainable and you know that you can do it.


  1. Choose from your list.

Look at your notes choose the most important for you. Choose the resolution which is attainable and measurable. Choose something that will not only help you from a meantime but for a lifetime. Choose which will not only  improve you in one aspect but will benefit you in whole.


  1. Specific.

This means your goals include systems for achieving them. You have specific actions that can be carried out that work toward you larger goal.

For example your new year resolution is to loose weight, you have to include systems for achieving it.

  1. eat less sweet.
  2. eat more in breakfast but less in dinner.
  3. do some exercise like jogging even once a week.





4. Measurable.

It means that you can imagine the result when your goal is reached. For example, you are healthy, you become a good spouse, parent. You can see what will happen when you have done your resolution.


  1. Attainable.

Your goal must be realistic and can be reached. Of course it’s not bad to aim high, but it’s not good to aim high and disappoint you in the end, so choose something big but not that high, set a resolution that looks possible.


  1. Relevant.

Means that there is a real need to your goal. You have been unsatisfied with a certain part of your life for some time, and you have a strong motivation to pursue yourself to change it. But if you do it out of the sense of self-hate it doesn’t usually last long.






  1. Trackable or time-bound.s

Your goal must be achievable. It means giving yourself enough to do it with lots of smaller intermediate goals set up along the way.


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