How a Long Distance Relationship Really Works

How a Long Distance Relationship Really Works

It is not easy to have a long distance relationship. You can’t see and even touch each other every day. But having a trust to each other is the best way to show your love to your partner. The relationship with trust, patience, commitment and love is the relationship that will move to a happily ever after.

How a Long Distance Relationship Really Works

Get to know your partner well

When you are in a relationship or not first things to do is getting to know each other. This is the best way to build a strong relationship that you can both believe in. Learn to understand each other and how to pick out his/her emotions. Don’t afraid to tell something to your partner when something is bothering to her to make her better.

Commit to the relationship.

Discuss topics like what you want to get out of the relationship and where you see it going. Commit to the trust and communication that sustain a long-distance relationship to you and to your partner. Understand the difficulties you will face and talk about them with your partner.

Be reliable.

Always show to your partner that you always trust her. Always keep you promises to your partner even it is not so very important. Because this is one of the best way of showing your love to your partner even you are in a long distance relationship. But sometimes even your promises you can’t follow always, give your partner a very good and acceptable reason why you can’t follow it.

How a Long Distance Relationship Really Works

Talk to your partner often

It’s hard to build a strong relationship that has no great communication with your partner and you can’t know each other life. Make sure you talk often so that you can participate to your partner life, and can also feel the presence of your partner. Regular communication is the key to sustaining any relationship, but this is true especially for a long distance relationship.

Be open with your partner.

Honesty and open communication is very important to build a strong relationship or even a long distance relationship. If something is bothering you, your partner should be the first to know it. If you are consistently open to your partner, she will learn to trust what you say and will feel more comfortable in the relationship. Be completely with each other and give trust both of you.

Give your partner space

Although you always want to spend your every moment of every day talking with your partner, but always think that she needs time and space to live her own life. Don’t pressure your partner to give you more of her time and energy than she’s comfortable with. Trust that she will come to you when she needs to, and allow her the space to be her own person within your relationship.

How a Long Distance Relationship Really Works

Check in with your partner regularly

Discuss how you both feel about how your relationship is going on. Talk about whether you feel happy and comfortable with your relationship. If the other one did not satisfied with the status of your relationship now, then discuss how this relationship will become better.

Assume good intentions.

Your partner will likely say something that might confuse or alarm you. Sometimes your partner might not return a call. Don’t jump to conclusions about her intentions when this happens — assuming that she’s hiding something or deliberately antagonizing you is a great way to insult her and damage your relationship. Always assuming good intentions will foster trust and good feeling, and is crucial in sustaining a long-distance relationship.

Think about the sacrifice you’re both making

Understand that a long-distance relationship is difficult for both of you. If your partner is worth the sacrifice, you should be happy to make it back. But don’t lose too much of your time with your relationship. You need time to devote to work, school, family, and even your social life apart from your relationship. If it feels like you aren’t able to give enough time to your other friends and activities, it may be time to work with your partner to reevaluate your relationship.

Never accuse your partner of being unfaithful.

A long-distance relationship is predicated on mutual trust, and accusing your partner of cheating, or even of wanting to cheat, destroys that trust on both sides of the relationship. Never assume that your partner has been unfaithful. If you accuse him or her, you introduce suspicion into both sides of the relationship, ultimately and irreparably damaging it.


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