The Importance and Meaning of Forgiveness in our Life

Forgiveness is the act of pardoning an offender. It brings the forgiver peace of mind and frees him or her from anger. Forgiveness is a sacrifice in the sense that you’re choosing the more difficult path. You’re sacrificing the temporary comfort of ignoring the problem or the temporary pleasure of erecting a wall of bitterness and instead doing the hard and sometimes painful work of moving toward the one who has wounded you.

The Importance and Meaning of Forgiveness in our Life

  1. Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does change the future.

Forgiveness is learning to get passed something someone did to you and accepting his or her apology or giving an apology. The act of forgiving isn’t always saying sorry to someone, but showing them actions of forgiveness. We all make mistakes. So when we learn to forgive others, we can also seek forgiveness when we commit follies.

  1. You showed me why people can’t be trusted.

I can’t stop thinking about you and why I waste my time loving and caring you. It is very hard to claim that they love and care for you if they replace you quickly. It is not easy to find someone who will love and care for you forever, many people are just kind in front of you or they need something but if you turn back the true colours of their mind and heart are showed.

  1. I didn’t mean to ruin everything.

I really didn’t mean to ruin everything, I feel terrible about all the pain I have caused you. Please forgive me. Every minute I never stop thinking about you, and how I can return the happiness we had together and how the friendship bloom like the trees in the backyard.

The Importance and Meaning of Forgiveness in our Life

  1. I don’t hate you, I’m just disappointed you turned into everything you said you’d never be.

Weak….I hate your weakness. You want something but you aren’t afraid to let it go without a fight. You’ve proved giving up is easier than fighting. You are good giving great advice but you never follow what you teach to others.  Just think how far ahead you could be if you listened to yourself once in a while. You want better than what you have or what you get, but you deserve what you have and what you got.

  1. I had to forgive a person who wasn’t even sorry… that’s strength.

In our life it is hard to give or grant the forgiveness one’s person especially he/she never ask for it. But in reality if you forgive a person who wasn’t even sorry is really a strength. Forgiveness is a way to self-fulfilment. People who can readily forgive others are much more responsible and satisfied inside than those who keep grudges against others and develop feelings of enmity.

  1. I am good enough person to forgive you. But not stupid enough to trust you again!

Forgiving someone is easy, but being able to trust them again is a totally different story. I don’t put my faith or trust in anyone anymore. After a while you just get tired of being disappointed constantly. We all know that trust is like a mirror. If it will broke it will never return to the original structure. Forgiving isn’t the same as forgetting. It isn’t a divine form of amnesia.

The Importance and Meaning of Forgiveness in our Life

  1. Apology accepted, trust denied.

Sometimes, you just need to talk all the thoughts going on in your mind out but your ego doesn’t allow you to. It is the worst phase for any friendship. If the friendship have broken the trust of each other will never return. It is the apology you receive not the trust, it will never be return the same as before.  Though forgiveness can help repair a damaged relationship, it doesn’t obligate you to reconcile with the person who harmed you.

  1. I tried you didn’t, I cried you didn’t, you left, I didn’t.

I never stop everything for you even you never give your hand back. I never forget you after the sad things you give to me. I never leave you for nothing but you really don’t have care for me. I never stop thinking about you…until now I still love and care for you.

  1. Weak people revenge. Strong people forgive. Intelligent people ignore.

If you are a weak person you will revenge. If you are strong people you will forgive. And if you are intelligent people you will ignore everything. You are the one who will decide for the kind of person you belong. Every belonging has the right to choose the appropriate for themselves. The ability to forgive gives us a sense of freedom and makes us suffer less and feel lesser misery and pain.

  1. It hurts when you realize you aren’t as important to someone as you thought you were.

I think that most of the time people are only capable of loving someone else the best they know how! That’s why we have to love ourselves first before others.. Then the sting isn’t as bad because you have enough self-esteem to learn from it and move on to the next part of your journey with grace and dignity. There are plenty of people in this world that will love you for you! When you are ready by “loving yourself” first, they will show up.

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