You’re not a puppet in the show Cut those strings Live on your own.

1.”You’re not a puppet in the show, cut those strings, live on your own.”

Don’t let anyone control all of you. And don’t depend yourself to them for doing things just to accept you. You have your own mind to decide and be yourself whatever happens because it’s the best thing you can do.


2. “Being imperfect is alright because that’s the real perfect.”

Being perfect is boring. You cannot enjoy being different, being free and being weird. Being extraordinary person is the definition of perfect for me.


It’s Independence Day, be free Happiness is not from them Happiness is within you.

3. “It’s Independence Day, be free. Happiness is not from them, happiness is within you.”

Sometimes we depend our happiness from only one person. In situation that if they break our hearts we feel that we are alone. But in the end we will realize that the real happiness is not only from them, it is within our hearts. It’s a choice to be happy. There are many things that will give us joy not just from that person who don’t know your worth.


4. “Even before you close your eyes at night don’t let the joy fades.”

Always bring a joy every minutes of your life so you will forget how to be sad and stress. Joy will always bring you hope. And hope will find a way even the sun won’t ever return.


Nobody knows your heart better than you. Trust your instincts. Never let anyone cast a shadow over your sunshine. -Michael Faudet

5. “Nobody knows your heart better than you. Trust your instincts. Never let anyone cast a shadow over your sunshine.” -Michael Faudet

Nobody knows what you feel. Nobody knows the real you. Nobody knows the struggles you’ve been through. Never let anyone block your happiness. Never let them block your path to success. Never let them in, just to tear you.


6. “Hindi ka tanggap ng mundo pero tanggap ka Nya.”

Magpakatotoo ka man o hindi, hindi mo pa din sila matatakasan. Huhusgahan at huhusgahan ka pa din nila. Iba man ang iyong kasarian, may sakit ka man o kakaiba ang iyong hilig , nandyan pa rin sila para husgahan ka. Ngunit wag kang mag-alala dahil Sya ay palaging nandyan para mahalin ka. Hindi ka man nila mahal pero mahal ka Nya. Hindi ka man tanggap ng iba ngunit higit pa ang pagtanggap Nya sa iyo.


One day your weakness will turn into strength.

7. “One day your weakness will turn into strength.”

Some days our weaknesses dragging us down, dragging us to the stairs of failure. But someday we will learn how to control and handle it. The dim bulb will glow in our own eyes and we will find a hope. Our weaknesses will change and will make us strong.


8. “Don’t be the slave of gravity. Spread your wings and fly away.”

We’re all have a dark side and experience to be drown in tears. We hide on the cold and dark rooms because we think we belongs inside of it. But always remember that we can escape from the darkness and forget about the problems. Don’t let them ruin your life because it’s your life, you are the only one who owns it.


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