How to build the “Continuous Improvement Habit?

How to build the “Continuous Improvement Habit?
You can always improve yourself. Whether it is learning something new or perfecting a skill you already have, there is room for improvement in everyone’s life.

How to build the "Continuous Improvement Habit?
1 Never Stop
There is an area for improvement in everyone’s life, no matter how successful they are.
2 Eliminate Old practices
Let go of former habits, even if they seemed to have some benefit to you at the time

How to build the "Continuous Improvement Habit?
3 Be Proactive
Stop hesitating because of possible hurdles that you foresee and move forward toward your goal.
4 Don’t assume new Methods will work
Just because something worked for someone else does not mean that it will necessarily work for yo.

How to build the "Continuous Improvement Habit?
5 Make corrections
Recognize the areas in your life that can use improvement and make relevant corrections to help you progress.
6 Empower all employees to speak up
Encourage your friends and family to make suggestions if they see things that you could work on.

How to build the "Continuous Improvement Habit?
7 Crowd-source
Learn from other people and get some new ideas on things you can add to your routine to create continuous improvement.
8 Practice the ” Five why” Method
Bu continuing to ask yourself ” Why?” you are likely to find the real reason behind a problem.

How to build the "Continuous Improvement Habit?
9 Be economical
Consider specific things you can save money on each week and stop buying them.
10 Don’t stop
Never consider yourself to be finished. Improvement has no limits and can be continued on an infinite level.

Try to do something just a little bit better each day in order to make a large impact in the long run.

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