2018 Best New Year’s Resolution

Best New Year’s Resolution for 2018

New Year stands like a fresh chapter in a book. Once you’re done with your year-end reflection for the year that’s ending, it’s time to look forward to the year that’s about to start. It is also a startup of our life with new hopes and decision to make the coming year more beautiful and prosperous. These resolutions are mainly taken in the new year to make our self-confident in front of our friends, colleagues, family members etc. What are you going to write for the next chapter of your life? It depends upon to you. Consider the following New Years Resolution.


  1. Be More Grateful.

Being grateful will also help you to overcome adversity, improve the quality of your sleep, and allow you to get along better with others. For next year, resolve to be more grateful.

  1. Learn Something New Each Day.

Learning something new every day is a good new year resolution, to have a better understanding of the things happen in this world and how it works. Fortunately, the internet makes it incredibly easy to learn new things.

  1. Play More.

Play is an important source of relaxation and stimulation for adults. In addition, it can make you more creative and productive. Bring more play into your life by making it a New Year’s resolution.


  1. Spend More Time in Nature.

Spending time in nature makes you happier, it boosts your immune system, and it even makes you more creative. Resolve your next year by spending more time outside.

  1. Eat Fewer Calories.

There are many reasons why most of us should set a resolution of eating fewer calories. The most obvious reason is to lose weight. After all, carrying excess weight puts us at a greater risk of a whole range of serious health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers and many more. Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to do when you want to lose weight. Try to keep things simple. When we want to lose weight, we just eat less. If you gained weight in 2017, resolve to eat smaller portions in 2018.

6.  Write a Business Plan.

Make 2018 the year for you to think about starting a business and you start it by taking some action –it’s OK if it’s a small business on the side. The first step to take is to write a business plan. Once you get your ideas down on paper, you’ll be that much more motivated to turn those ideas into reality.


  1. Travel.

In year 2018, plan a vacation. The world is a beautiful place, and there are many things to see. Give yourself some break to travel alone and for you to realize and see some other thing  in this world.

  1. Stop Procrastinating.

If you didn’t achieve your goals this year, procrastination was the likely culprit. Make 2018 the year you stop procrastinating and start getting things done. This will help you to ensure that you won’t be sitting there at the end of next year wondering why you never got around to working on your goals.

  1. Set Aside On-Hour-A-Day to Achieve Your Dreams.

Stop telling yourself that you simply don’t have the time to work on your dreams. Whatever your dreams are–whether it’s to make more money so you can redecorate your home, learn to play an instrument, have a positive impact on the world, and so on–you can accomplish those dreams in just one-hour-a-day. Devoting one-hour-a-day in achieving your most important dream in 2018, by the end of the year you’ll have devoted 365 hours to that dream. Not bad!

positive attitude

  1. Create a Positive Attitude.

Having a new year resolution of creating positive attitude, opens your mind to new possibilities, it makes you more resilient, and it can even help you to live longer. Greet the New Year with a smile and resolve to stay positive, no matter what happens.

  1. Enjoy the Little Things.

Living life to the fullest doesn’t just mean setting big goals in life. It also includes learning to enjoy the little things happen. That is, learning to appreciate life’s simple pleasures.

  1. Become More Confident.

Make your year 2018 full of confidence. Confidence can be defined as your belief in your own abilities and in your capacity to get what you want.  In turn, the importance of confidence cannot be overstated. Confident people are happier, more relaxed, more likely to take chances, and more likely to succeed. Fortunately, there are ways to become more confident. These include giving yourself credit for what you do, cultivating your inner advocate, and taking consistent action toward the achievement of your goals.

  1. Learn a New Skill.

Take advantage of all the information that exists out there on how to learn new skills quickly and reach the end of 2018 with a couple of new skills. The possibilities are endless, so, you don’t have reasons to be less confident in learning new skills.


  1. Be Kinder to Yourself.

You may not be able to control how kind other people are to you, but you can always control how kind you are to yourself.  This upcoming year, set the resolution to believe in yourself, respect yourself, and treat yourself well.

  1. Strengthen Your Personal Relationship.

In creating a New Year’ s resolution, you must Include your special someone in your life. In addition, let them know what you’ll be doing, for him or her to join you in doing it.

In your family or friends, be more open to them about your problems for you to have someone to talk to.

  1. Get Your Documents in Order.

There are certain documents that every adult should have. This includes things such as a will, a durable power of attorney, and a letter of instruction, school paper or any personal paper. If your documents aren’t in order, make it a New Year’s Resolution to get them ready in the coming year.

  1. Volunteer.

Set the resolution to do good for others in the upcoming year. After all, you won’t just be benefiting those person that you help but you’ll also be benefiting yourself. Volunteering can give you a sense of purpose, make your life more meaningful, increase your self-esteem, and make you happier. In 2018, keep volunteering.

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