13 Ways to Become a Better Person

13 Ways to Become a Better Person

Being a good person means more than just doing things for others. You have to accept and love yourself before anything else. In order to be truly good, you have to consider what goodness means to you. Perhaps this means doing good for others, or simply being an honest and kind person. We’ve all made mistakes throughout our lives that haven’t exactly put us in the best light. Life is a journey and becoming better every day is the goal. Make the best out of yourself. Use some of the following tips to help yourself be a better person.


Accept everyone around you

Part of being a good person is not being judgmental. You have to accept everyone, no matter what race, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, or culture they are. Realize that everybody has feelings, every person is valid, and everyone should always be treated with respect.

Let go of anger
Letting go of anger is easier said than done. While anger is a perfectly normal emotion, you can’t let it fester. When this happens, you may make unwise decisions, and more important, it may affect your health. Research suggests pent up anger can cause digestive problems, difficulty sleeping, and even heart disease. To help you let go of anger write your feelings down, pray or meditate, or begin to manage your thoughts.

Be honest and direct
If you want to be a better person in either your personal or professional life, you should always tell the truth and state as clearly as possible what you are trying to convey. Learn to articulate your thoughts, feelings, and ideas in an open and honest manner. Take note: Being honest doesn’t mean being rude or cruel.


Be helpful
Whether giving up your seat to an elderly person on the subway, assisting a co-worker on a project, being helpful is one of the easiest and most effective ways to practice becoming a better person. The more you will help others, you will feel better about yourself and everyone around you.

Act locally
It may not seem like a big deal, but supporting a local cause, donating clothes, or buying from local farmers’ markets or businesses are simple ways you can help your specific region. Get to know and care about your community.

Be thankful
Always be thankful with all of the blessings that you received everyday. When someone help you, don’t hesitate to say “Thank You”. Just be thankful and what you have and don’t ask for more. You’re still lucky because some people dreaming to have on what’s on your hand.

better listener

Be a better listener

People rarely take the time to listen to other people. Everyone wants to feel important. Take the time to listen to them, especially when they are sharing their problems in life. Don’t get distracted by what’s going on around you or play on your cell phone. Be engaged with the person and the conversation. Ask follow up questions on the topic; this helps them know that you’re paying attention to them.

Be respectful
Be respectful of others’ time, thoughts, ideas, lifestyles, feelings, work, and everything else. You don’t have to agree with any of it, but people have a right to their opinions and yours is not necessarily correct. Be fair to all people despite of their life status in life. Treat everyone with kindness, and do not be mean or rude to people, even if they don’t agree with you.

Love yourself

Learn to love yourself in every way. Practice unconditional self acceptance. The only way you can truly love others is to first have confidence and love yourself. What you do and what you believe must make you feel good as well as others. If you try to do things for others without taking care of yourself, you can end up resentful, angry, and negative. If you love yourself, then you will make a positive impact when you help others.



Share your possessions, your positivity, and your happiness. Don’t be emotionally stingy. Be generous and encouraging. Share your knowledge. Share opportunities. Share your time. Share your food with others. Never take the biggest slice of pizza or piece of meat, or if you absolutely must do so, split it with others.
Pray and/or meditate

Praying to a higher power or meditating can help cultivate the qualities you seek to embody. Meditation and prayer can help you find inner peace and focus on your inner self. As you increase your self-awareness, you understand what you really want and find clarity in your life. As you gain inner peace, you feel more positive, which helps you become a better person.

Make small changes

No one can change immediately. But even small changes can make an enormous and positive difference. Set small goals every month or two and focus on one or two key habits which you want to change.

Practice forgiveness

Forgiving someone can be a difficult task. Realizing that people are human and make mistakes helps you let go of negativity so you can forgive the person and move on. When you forgive, you let go of resentment that can cause anger, bitterness, and turmoil. Forgiveness also makes you more compassionate towards others.



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