13 Things to be Thankful in Life

13 Things to be Thankful in Life

Thankfulness helps us to see that there is so much out there that we’ve been given. It is being able to have appreciation for a thing, person or place. Thankfulness means that you have realized the true value of something. Here are some things that you have to be thankful in life:


1.God for our Life

Always thank God for the life that he give to us, for the all blessings and for his unconditional love.

2.Basic Necessities of Life (food, water & shelter)

We should be thankful in food and water because they give us energy to do our daily tasks while shelter provide essential aspects of protection.

Whatever may come in my life I will keep in standing strong because I know, I have a wonderful family to support me, love me, understand me and accept me.



Awesome friends who won’t let my smiles fade. They are always there for me in ups and downs of my life.

5.Good Health
I might not have a lot of money today, but god has given me a perfect health to keep on going.

6.Gaining Wisdom with Age

Thankfully, we grow smarter over time. I see my ability to understand things is growing rapidly with age. For sure I am not the best but I make a better person than yesterday.

7.Learning from Mistakes
The mistakes I have made and the failures I have faced in past have given me the best lessons of life. Without them I wouldn’t have been what I am today. If we never made mistakes, we wouldn’t learn much so it is one of those things we should be thankful for.


8.Opportunity to Get an Education

The opportunity to attend school is something many people don’t have. We should be happy and thankful because we can go to school and learn something new every day.

9.Waking up Every day

Simply waking up today means you have things to be thankful for.
But another day with new hopes, love, tears, lessons, success, failure and experiences, all stitched together.

10.People Willing to Teach

Whoever teaches you, you should be thankful. Whether it’s your mother teaching you to household chores or teacher that teaches a lesson, be grateful that others are willing to use their time and talents to teach you something new and share their knowledge with you.



Although technology have some bad effects, we should be thankful in technology because it makes our life easy. It help us in doing our tasks easier in all terms of work.

Music makes me smile, Music makes me cry, Music makes me rock, Music makes mefall in love! Music can also cheer me up.

13. Moments
The moments I spent with the best people of my life and the ones yet to come. Might be happened years back but still enough to make me smile today, still enough to make me believe that “Life is Beautiful”





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